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With an in-built experience and leaderboard system as well as equip-able badges and backgrounds,
the fun never ends with zBot.

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Including features such as automatic moderation, lots of commands, mini-games, customizable user profiles and more.

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Including features such as mini-games, music, math, search and much more.

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zBot is evergrowing, and is actively being developed with getting new features added all time. As of now, there are over 45 commands currently implemented in zBot.
zBot also includes a built-in experience system/customizable profiles, game statistics integration
(such as League of Legends), badges, mini-games, conversations, moderation, utilities, fun gimmicks and so much more.

One man journey

zBot is a unique bot that has one-of-a-kind features and commands. It's being developed
by only one developer, @zBlake#6715. If you want to suggest new ideas to add to zBot, feel
free to suggest them to @zBlake#6715, or on our support server!

Need some help?

Not a problem! If you ever need any help, please don't feel worried to join our support server!